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It is so much fun to open the mailbox and find a crisp, cream-colored, perfectly sealed wedding invitation just waiting to be opened.  In fact, it’s MAGICAL!  The idea of two special people vowing to spend their lives together makes our hearts overflow with… love and excitement! But, then the gigantic question quickly arises:  What meaningful, thoughtful gift should we give the soon-to-be newlyweds? You know, the one that makes the couple really feel the love?  The wedding gifts that stand out amongst the hundreds of others?

Well, lovely Gifters, your gifting dilemma is solved… drum roll, please!

Our Gifting Experts have the answer!  Our Team is constantly curating UNIQUE items from hundreds of retailers that are sure to WOW any couple.  So, rest assured, we will help you find the PERFECT gift that fits your budget!

A few fun wedding facts:  Did you know that we have approximately 2.4 million weddings in the United States each year, or that Las Vegas is the #1 destination for weddings in America (thank you… thank you very much, Elvis Chapel!)?  Also, did you know that wedding planning started in the 1920s?  This was a MAJOR game changer for Brides, who suddenly became the focus of attention!

Many things have changed in the last century, but one thing remains the same:  You still have to find a WEDDING GIFT!

Your Gifter’s favorite Wedding Gifts:

Wedding Gift Bucket of Wine

Do the Soon-To-Bes enjoy entertaining?

If so, they are going to LOVE our Personalized Wine Bucket!  This lightweight metal tub holds 6 bottles of wine and features easy-carry handles.  Plus, the monogram initial comes in 3 different colors.  Undoubtedly, the newlyweds will take their next party to the next level!
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Wedding Gift Personalized Passports

Does the Couple have a passion for travel?

Our Gifting Experts have selected these matching Passport Wallets made of genuine leather. They have pockets for vaccination cards and are RFID which protects their personal information (huge sigh of relief).  Thanks to you, the couple will travel through Airport Security… Securely!
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Wedding Gifts Couples Robes

Does the Duo live for spa days?

If the answer is YES (just like in the wedding vows), the Honeymooners are going to adore this personalized wedding gift!  Check out these matching LUXE Personalized Robes.  These PLUSH robes are handmade and feature a shawl collar, pockets, and an adjustable belt.  Your favorite newlyweds will snuggle all year long!
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 Sleeping Bag

If the happy couple enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing, they will LOVE this outdoor gift!

Check out this 2-Person Sleeping Bag – Wider than a Queen sized bed, this snuggly bag features independent ventilation (amazing, right?!), 2 built-in blankets, and 2-way zip foot zip vents.  Certainly, your favorite couple will be excited to get wrapped up in a doublewide together!
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Cheese and Charcuterie

Are the Soon-To-Be Newlyweds foodies?

If so, they will want to devour this culinary creation.  Check out this divine European Cheese and Charcuterie by Williams Sonoma.  The specialty box features Prosciutto, Black Forest Schinken, Salame Rustico, Diablo Swiss, Caprino Cheese, and a round Panpetato cake.  Give the couple an Italian treat for their tastebuds… AMORE!
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 Appetizer Plates

Does the Wedding Couple love hosting fancy dinner parties (believe it or not, some people actually use their dining rooms!)?

If so, Your Gifter has the most spectacular gift that is sure to wow!  Check out these posh appetizer plates.  The 4-piece set from Le Cadeaux is shatter-resistant and dishwasher safe.  Give the newlyweds the gift that will… add a splash of color and fun (without breakage) to any dinner table!
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For a larger ticket gift, our Gifting Experts recommend this stunning Wine Decanter from the Waterford Elegance Collection – the pinnacle of craftsmanship.  This beautiful handmade crystal vessel is contemporary and suits all wine varieties.  As long as the newlyweds have this gift, their dinner parties and glasses will be filled with spirit and cheer!
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Personalized Name Mat

Are the Newlyweds buying a new home or new homeowners?

If so, this is very exciting news (on top of the wedding, of course!)!  Our Gifting Experts have the best wedding gifts to celebrate all things new!  Check out this unique Personalized Doormat by Birch Lane.  This extra-thick traditional Doormat is stain-resistant and features a double black border and customized family initial.  By all means, help the happy couple officially welcome friends into their new home in style!
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Wedding Gifts Personalized Games

Does the Couple have EVERYTHING, including the kitchen sink? If so, do not worry!

Our Gifting Experts hand-selected the perfect wedding gifts for the Soon-To-Bes that are sure to impress!  This Personalized Cornhole Set is the perfect gift to commemorate their union and bring fun times for years to come.  Order this set and let the newlywed games begin!
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Weddings are special events, and thoughtful gifts are always in style!  Let Your Gifter help you find the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

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